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Ferrous Board (Steel Composite Board) - Printed Magnetic Drywipe Boards


We can print to Ferrous Composite Board (Technically it is galvanised steel composite board which is magnetically receptive).  The board itself is not magnetic.  It contains iron which allows the surface to be attracted by a magnet.  This allows us to print directly to the specially formulated  steel composite board (dibond) to produce noticeboards, 5S communiation tools, planning boards, etc. Dry whiteboards can be producted using a dry-wipe laminate to the face.

Although this looks like ACM it's skin is steel rather than aluminium.  Our composite ferrous boards are lined with ferrous film are ideal for fixing signage to magnetic surfaces. Printed and wrapped in full colour vinyl for long lasting durability. Our ferrous boards can provide you with a quick, easy and painless way to attach printed signage to surfaces, and are just as easy to remove. Using a ferrous film to fix magnetically instead of nails or screws ensures that no holes are made and substrates are undamaged. Ensure your advertisements, information and promotions on printed signage remain securely fixed and seen with our aluminium composite material ferrous boards.
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