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From the blog... Why Do Flags Not Survive? - the blog explains why full colour flags cannot survive the wind and are not warranted in winds over 20mph.
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Banner Printing Service - PVC Banners

PVC Banners

PVC Banner is our most popular banner option. We have offer two grades of banner 440gsm and 800gsm, our 800gsm comes with a lightblock as standard. All of our PVC banner material is fire rated meaning it can be used within commercial properties. Read More

Banner Printing Service - Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are perforated banners suitable for use in high wind load areas such as fences or building wraps. Our mesh banners are recommended for a max wind load of 17mph to 19mph, you can add reinforcement for higher wind loads by adding rope to your edges. Read More

Banner Printing Service - Lamp Post Banners
Printed Lamp Post Banners

Lamp Post Banners

Lamp Post Banners are a great way for pedestrians and traffic to see your message. With 1000's of pairs of eyes seeing this great way to utilise advertising space it makes it perfect to display your brand or campaign. Our Digitally printed lamp post banners are printed using UV cured inks and welded and eyeletted in each corner. We STRONGLY ADVISE that you speak to our customer service team about lamppost banners are there are many existing banners systems on the marketplace and they all vary in height, width, and size and wind load should be considered before purchasing replacement banners and new systems should match the banner arm manufacturers specifications. WARNING: The pricing calculator can be used below to calculate the pricing using 500gsm and 800 gsm banner fabric. Users MUST ensure they are specifying the correct material to match the size relating to the windload expected of the arms and banner. Read More

Banner Printing Service - Heras Fence Banners
Digitally Printed Heras Fence Airmesh Banners

Heras Fence Banners

Our Heras Fencing Covers are printed mesh banner which has a welded hemmed edge with eyelets to the perimeter. They make construction sites look great! Our woven mesh fence material is perfect for concealing work from public view and advertising your brand at the same time. The open weave fabric reduces the concern of wind-worries with increased air flow. What size is a Heras Fence Banner Panel? 3375mm (w) x 1780mm (h)Finished with angled corners. Looking for a square cornered Heras Fence Banner? You are looking for a normal mesh banner at the above size - click here Need a template? You can download a template below for Heras Fence Mesh Banners below. Read More