How It Works

We have created a wide format print service that gives you the confidence to sell any wide format product making up to 64% profit margin.

Make up to 64% profit margin by selling large format printed products to your existing customers.

  • Trade only
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Create your own quote in seconds
  • Download product specifications instantly
  • Upload over artwork file types
  • Download an unbranded proof
  • Sign-off proofs online
  • Specify your delivery time slot
  • Live track your jobs through our production process
  • Track the delivery to you/your client with true white-label branding.
Our production work flow.

How it all works...

We have created a web platform that provides instant pricing and immediate online artwork checking that enables your files to be sent directly to our wide format print production facilities.

Our system simplifies the pricing process and speeds up a formalised proofing process to get your print to our printers with minimum effort, quickly. The ordering platform is web-based and can be accessed anywhere in the world on almost any platform - PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone... This platform will help you save time to get your clients the prices they want without the need to shop around or wait for a quote.

Support Features

Instant Bespoke Templates

Enter the dimensions of your finished printed product and download the template instantly to show bleeds, cut lines, eyelet safe zones and all the artwork specifications for that specific product at that size.

Tiling, Joins and Panelling

Not everything fits to the width of material we print to therefore sometimes we have to “tile” the final job into separate panels. Enter your size and the system will let you know if the job has to be printed in separate panels and where they will be, so there will be no surprises, all in realtime!

Upload Artwork and Preflight in Realtime

If you have downloaded the template and dropped your artwork in, just upload and receive preflight information about the readiness of your artwork: Correct DPI, Scaling, Colours (RGB, CMYK, Spots)? The system will let you know in seconds if your artwork is print ready.

Edit Artwork Safely

You may not have the luxury to create the artwork, no problem, simply upload, get your preflight report and then edit the artwork file online to add scale, bleeds (mirror, copy last pixel, stretch), create tiles and send it straight to our dedicated printers.

Strictly Trade Only

Our service is for trade only and cannot be accessed by consumers.

In order to gain access to this service users will complete the registration form and applicants will only be supplied with access to those who demonstrate being a trade professional.

White Label

It is our intention to remain anonymous when integrated into your workflow

In short, our business model is based on dealing with trade professionals. We have no interest in dealing directly with your clients, heaven forbid we would have to site survey and install your job!

Can it be linked or integrated in to your website?

Yes. We are software developers but we have made this even simpler. The user interface can be accessed from your website with a simple link or embedded button. Alternatively we offer a full web development service with content management system if you require. Add your profit margin and then your branding to Proofs, Labels, Artwork Specifications, Delivery Notes, Email Notifications and even the Product Specifications Sheets.

Who is it for?

Print Professionals who have a client base they would like to sell large format print products to.

The service is designed for those who want to offer a full range of large format printed products from one supplier with a fully branded support service. Alternatively integrate with your own large format print capabilities to extend your range.

How do I get prices?

First you have to get an account, then you'll get access to our shop front.

Since our prices are designed for trade only your account will have to be authorised first this usually happens within 1 working hour.

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How do I get an account?

You can register for an account using the link below.

Since our prices are designed for trade only your account will have to be authorised first this usually happens within 1 working hour.

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Do you offer credit?

Yes! But to offer our great discount levels we only give credit accounts to customers who have been active with us over 6 months or can commit to a minimum spend threshold. You can find these details on our credit application screen once you have access to the shop front.

Credit Cards! Don't worry we accept all major credit cards too.

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