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We are currently recruiting... Trainee/Apprenticeship

We have a number of positions at present for a Trainee/Apprenticeship role in Large Format Printing, Sign Making and Display Graphics manufacture.

Job Description...

Matic Media Services Ltd owns Graphic Warehouse and is a
large format print company that manufactures signage and display graphics using the most advanced large format printers in Scotland.  We make signs, posters, building wraps, exhibition stands – we print big stuff.


We want to develop a team over the next few years that will allow our business to grow by taking enthusiasm and innovation to create well rounded and skilled employees.


Our manufacturing department operates on 2 shifts over the hours 8.30-6am, Monday to Friday and some weekends.  Normal working hours at
40 hours per week.


The role would initially start supporting others in their activities (shadowing) and working towards completing a training module focussing on Health and Safety.  The training will be undertaken by the production management team and they will assess the modules that will cover print finishing and then printing.  We expect the modules to take 2 years to complete.


Essential Skills:

Good time keeping.  Willingness to learn.  Can follow instructions.  Good numeracy.  Great attitude.


Desirable Skills:

An interest in manual work and creativity.  Previous experience.  Interest in art and design.8


How to Apply...

Please send you CV to jobs@maticmedia.co.uk

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