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Deliveries: Failing to Plan, is

I was listening to Jeremy Vine today on BBC Radio 2 and I am picking up that no matter how much money is thrown at the driver shortage problem in the UK… they are not happy.

As the world is opening up again we are seeing many things affecting our businesses and what is becoming alarming is the UK Driver Shortage.

This is and will continue to affect deliveries.  We have never guaranteed on-time delivery, but we do guarantee on-time dispatch and our customers receive automated notifications when the goods are scanned onto the carrier’s vehicle.

"I cannot stress this enough... buy extra days with your customers and explain the situation... we have found our customers to be very accommodating."

Adrian McCombe - Sales Director Tweet

DO NOT... Get your graphics delivered to the venue on the day of the event.

Last week I was helping a customer with setting up a stand at the SEC in Glasgow.  I brought the graphics with me but I witnessed one lady in tears as non of her stand graphics had arrived, and they were not going to.


DO... Plan ahead.

I have witnessed for years, last-minute decisions to get to an event, add additionals or stuff that has been forgotten.  If it has to be delivered by courier… it’s probably not going to happen.



DO NOT... Get your signage delivered on-site when booking sub-contracted fitters...

They are going to bill you for their time because you have cost them a day of lost labour, which is only fair.

DO... Speak to us.

We use a number of different carriers for different sized parcels as not every carrier can take the same kind of parcel and price-breaks make specialist better for us and our carrier partners.


We have tied in their our carriers API (bit like The Matrix) to automatically update our website with carried notifications BUT if you are struggling please speak to our Customer Service team.



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