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Rectangles and Squares and Just so... Well, Square.

Large Format Print Cut to Shape

You will be able to charge much more for a shaped item than you can a rectangle or a square.  This is because of the hardware required to cut the material.  We have a Zund flatbed digital cutter which allows YOU to sell shaped items in materials like:

Why Can I Charge More?

There are lots of large format printing machines in the marketplace.  There are also lots of vinyl plotters BUT there are not many flatbed digital cutting machines.

The G3 Zund that we have is fully loaded with tools which allows YOU to sell:

  • Routing
  • V Cutting
  • Through Cutting
  • Kiss Cutting
  • Scoring
  • Braille
  • Engraving

The machine is conveyorised and can handle any sheet size up to 2.2m wide but infinitive length because the table is a conveyor belt.

How Do I Price The Cutting Service?

It’s really easy.  When you are using the QuickQuote system in Graphic Warehouse you will be given options to add shape cutting.

This is really important because our system is going to digitally cut your uploaded artwork anyway BUT the nesting will be different (the waste around the shapes).  Also our system will create a digital cut file based on your uploaded artwork if it does not know you want it shaped.

it will allow you to make more from your sale...

It's Really Easy...

This is much easier than you might think if you or a colleague can use one of the popular desk top publishing packages like Adobe Indesign, Illustrator or CorelDraw.

Below are some videos to demonstrate how to set up your artwork.

You upload your files as per usual. When uploading your files our system will automatically extract the finishing information from your print file.

In the Proof and Approve stage you’ll be shown the extracted finishing information over-layed on your print file.

Cut, Crease and Drill

Can't Graphic Warehouse Set Up My Artwork?

Yes, we can but there is a cost and there will be a delay in getting your artwork to our presses as we have to schedule this and then return a proof to you.

This whole process takes less than 60 seconds to upload and proof but if you are struggling please contact our customer service team who will help you.

It’s also much quicker if the originator creates a shaped outline!


Choose Your Software... Watch the "How to" Video

Still stuck? No worries.  We’ve added videos for the 3 most popular design packages, just click to see a video of a cut to shape job being prepared & uploaded.

Our next blog...

“Things to be aware of when thinking about buying a large format printer”.  In the next post we will share the benefits, pitfalls and stuff the sales reps do not tell you!

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