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Graphic Warehouse & Stuart Working Together for YOU.

We’ve teamed up with Stuart Mason (Linkedin), #1 Amazon Author for his book “How to Wreck Your business – In The Sincere Hope That You Do Not”.

Today we release all of Stuart’s podcasts with loads of insights into how to look at your own business and your role within it. Stuart will host his second online workshop on 11 June at 1 pm with key points to consider how you could make instant improvements to your business.

Stuart’s process of workbooks and homework always leaves you thought-provoked to make a change, he is an inspiration to others.

Who Is Stuart Mason, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author?

I’ve known Stuart Mason for 25 years, and it’s not all been plain sailing.  so why would we decide to work together?  Well, it’s simple, I’ve learnt a lot from Stuart over the years.  I knew him when he had his chain of print shops across the UK, “The Ink Shop”.  I knew him when he had his helicopter, Aston Martin and a fleet of prestigious motorbikes – Honestly, he was the guy every person in business wanted to be… He’d “cracked it”.  But the story about what happened next was MUCH MORE inspiring.

Stuart is probably the inspiration behind the Graphic Warehouse business model of many customers, many transactions, with a low average transaction value.

But I’ve kept in contact with Stuart over the years, observing his role within Trade Print as Operations Director and then moving into business mentoring and coaching – he has the systems and processes and he will share for FREE.

Not Your Typical Business Coach

But for me the key points about Stuart is his honest approach to coaching and mentoring, he’s not like so other “Business Gurus”, he’s walked the walk and it’s not just talk.  

Stuart discusses frankly and honestly about why his business, The Ink Shop failed on it’s 20th birthday and how he used that experience to re-train with the best in the world’s coaching franchise. 


FREE Online Workshop No.2 - 11th June at 1pm

We’re excited to announce Workshop No.2 date – 11th June at 1 pm!  Stuart will host his second online workshop, free of charge to share with you the most insightful and thought-provoking information for you and your business.

Listen to All The Podcasts

Due to popular demand you can now listen to all the podcasts in the series. Stuart’s experience is invaluable to any business owner as he reveals with you the highs and lows of running a business. Most importantly, his podcasts will leave you thinking about how your business is run and your role within it.

Listen by Clicking Below...

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